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TMF2015 THANKS & VISITOR SURVEY – Win tickets to TMF2016!

TMF2015 THANKS & VISITOR SURVEY – Win tickets to TMF2016!

TMF2015 will be a festival that stays in our memories forever. Where immediate thoughts turn to the extreme ‘summer’ weather conditions, the memories that we shall treasure are the moments when our island showed a community spirit and hospitality that literally touched the hearts of people around the world. For us, it was both the most challenging and proudest moment since forming the festival back in 2010.

The ‘story’ of TMF2015 has literally made news around the world with one report going out in Florida, USA. We have received countless messages of thanks that we wish to share with everyone involved with TMF2015, as without that support the safe and speedy evacuation of the festival site would not have been possible. The generous gift of tents from Tesco & Argos also ensured that people could remain on Tiree for the rest of the weekend. We need to thank Iain MacKinnon and the members of the LEST (Lorne Event Safety Team) for their guidance throughout the weekend. To our TMF Team and volunteers – to get the festival site operational again on the Saturday was a superhuman effort and incredible display of commitment to TMF. Thank you all for your inspirational support.

As the dust settles on TMF2015 and we review the festival as a whole, we are keen as ever to hear feedback from all the attendees – as this is what shapes our plans and ideas for 2016 and beyond! Where focus will naturally pull thoughts towards the evacuation on the Friday, we would ask that feedback is about the event overall as this will give better reference to the operation and ideas that were put in place for 2015, while also allowing more accurate assessments to be made against previous festivals.

Please click on the link below to complete the TMF2015 Visitor Survey:

All those who complete the survey will be entered into a draw for 2 weekend tickets for TMF2016

Thank you again to everyone who made TMF2015 a year we will never forget. Here’s to TMF2016…..

Team TMF