Tiree Music Festival – Anti-Harassment Policy


Tiree Music Festival believes that everyone coming to the festival has the right to feel safe, respected, free of harassment, intimidation and anti-social or abusive behaviour regardless of their Gender, Disability, Age, Sexual Orientation, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Body Size, National Origin and Social Status whether you’re here to work or to escape and have fun for a weekend.  


Behaviour that makes anyone feel threatened or unsafe is not welcome and will not be tolerated at Tiree Music Festival. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind.


What is harassment? 

Harassment is behaviour which is unwelcome, is based on someone’s personal attributes (such as gender) and could reasonably be regarded as offensive, humiliating or intimidating to that person. 

It includes (but is not limited to): 

  • sexual harassment such as unwanted touching, or pressure for sexual activity, belittling or excluding a person because of their gender, making decisions on the basis of a person’s acceptance or rejection of sexual advances.
  • using racist language.
  • undermining someone because of a personal attribute such as race, disability or sexual orientation.


Appropriate conduct

We require all staff, vendors and attendees to commit to the following:


  • To behave respectfully towards others.
  • Not to harass staff, volunteers, musicians or guests.
  • If someone asks you to stop behaving in a particular way, listen to them and stop engaging in that behaviour.
  • Not to victimise someone for challenging your behaviour.


Complaints and Reporting

If someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, no matter how minor it may seem, please do not stay silent.  You can report it to any member of our team by asking to speak to the Event Manager. The Event Manager will then take your report and investigate.  If you do not feel comfortable speaking to or approaching one of the team in person you can email: [email protected] (this email is only monitored senior management).  All information will be handled with the upmost care andThe team will take your complaint seriously and handle it in a sensitive manner.


Following your report the team will take appropriate steps to address the complaint, with your full consultation, which may include ejecting the perpetrator, taking disciplinary action or terminating a contract.  We want you to feel safe at our festival and will do everything in our power to make that the case.