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June 23, 2018

With strong links to the Hebridean Isles of Tiree and South Uist, the music and culture that they were raised in remains a pure and refreshing trademark in the sound of Trail West.

To date the band has released two albums, both of which demonstrate the incredible musicianship of frontline pair Seonaidh MacIntyre and Ian Smith through high-energy tunes and arrangements, accompanied by the multi-instrumental talents of Andrew Findlater and Alain Campbell.

Their second album, ‘Rescattermastered’, highlighted a key development in the band’s outlook, with a wide selection of songs now an integral part of the band’s repertoire.

Trail West are now performing at festivals throughout Scotland as a six-piece outfit, adding Jonathan Gillespie on keyboard and vocals as well as Allan J. Nairn on electric guitar, further boosting the energy levels of a band leading the thriving scene of ‘Glasgow Gaels’ and ensuring that traditional music in Scotland has a very strong future.

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