December 23, 2022 Craig Espie


As co-founders and Directors of TMF, we felt it was important to provide a clear update after what was an extremely challenging day with regards to the early bird ticket launch for TMF2023. Like you, we are frustrated and sad that there were multiple issues and we wanted to speak to all parties involved so we could fully understand what went wrong and why. 


Firstly, we want to be clear why there was a change of ticket platform. Ultimately the terms of our previous ticketing platform had expired and the new terms offered were now extremely restrictive and the fact that the ticketing platform would withhold a large percentage of the ticket income until after the event would create a cash-flow issue for the festival. Also of concern was the high level of booking commission being charged to the customer on top of the fee charged to the event per ticket. These were the key reasons why a new ticket system was sourced.


The ticket system chosen was established and used by events with far bigger capacity than TMF which is why there were no concerns from our side in terms of this new ticket system being implemented. 


After detailed feedback and reports it is clear that the ticket platform was not the main fault. What ultimately started the chain of issues was the website server crashing due the demand placed on it when the tickets went live as the queuing software engaged by the ticket provider failed to manage the online traffic as planned. 


Following numerous meetings over the past fortnight we felt it was important to pause all ticket sales for now so that we can return with a plan and system that will be successful in managing the demand and ticket process. As stated, the small number of tickets that were purchased will be honoured. 


Once again, apologies to everyone that spent time and was left frustrated with the early bird launch – we can assure you that we are equally as frustrated as we have always had customer experience as our main priority throughout all aspects of TMF. 


With nearly 7,000 people on the mailing list and only 2,000 tickets available, sadly there will always be people disappointed when missing out on tickets. We would love to be able to welcome everyone to Tiree and TMF but the reality is that the island transport and services infrastructure means that 2,000 is our limit. It is also that small intimate capacity that makes the TMF atmosphere and family so special.  


As always, thank you for your support of the festival and thank you again for your patience. Merry Christmas from all the TMF Team and we’ll be in touch early in the New Year with updated information on the ticket release. 




Daniel Gillespie & Stewart MacLennan

Directors, Tiree Music Festival CIC